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Who We Are

Our tech Startup aims at solving the problem in customer relations by instilling the element of trust (Source of Truth) by combining the force of process simplification and technology to empower the customers. If you still remember trust equation in olden days was comprising of personal relations ship between buyer and seller and also warmth of the closeness

Career Opportunities

We are in the need of smart, vibrant and restless individual looking for challenging roles to help us build the company of future. Be on the lookout for new and exciting role we might have for you in the future by visiting our Career section. There you can find the open position we have at all our locations.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be advocates of the customer during the technological transitions so that enterprises can rest assured that the implementation of cutting or bleeding edge technology is producing the desired results and not otherwise At KretRtru our vision is to empower the customer. The businesses continuously strive to leverage technology to improve the customer experience and delight.

Our Mission

Vision to Plan

Our mission is “to design and build solutions that fulfills the end goal of empowering the customers and the businesses by leveraging right technology to model the business processes”.

Plan to Market

To provide quality and affordable #cloud apps to the customers leveraging AppExchange Marketplace of Salesforce.

Market to Growth

Primarily targeting the US and EU geography for the growth focus in FS industry. Appexchange solution for Sales cloud, Financial service cloud and Einstein Analytics/AI cloud




Our Team

We are team of Salesforce technology experts and our goal is to leverage our expertise and domain knowledge to benefit customer satisfy their business requirements


“We are leaders in Salesforce solution development and cloud innovation”

Offering ideas that raise your business above the expected!

Frequently question asked?

How to engage and partner with kretRtru?

We work with global client to built ISV solution tailored to their need. For details mail us kretrtru@kretrtru.com

How do we as client know you can help us built the solution we need.

We can schedule a demo and discussion to understand your requirements.